You Have a Right to Safety, Privacy, and Peace of Mind

Protect Yourself and Your
Children from Further Harm.

One of the main reasons families may need to consider obtaining a restraining order during a divorce is if there is a history of domestic violence or abuse.

Domestic violence includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse.

A restraining order can help protect the victim and their children from further harm by prohibiting the abuser from contacting or coming near them.

The Emotional Toll on the Spouse
and Children Can be Significant.

Children who witness domestic violence may experience anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems and may be at risk for future abusive relationships.

Spouses who have experienced domestic violence may struggle with feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. They may also have difficulty trusting others and forming healthy relationships.

It is important for families to seek help and support during this difficult time to prioritize their safety and well-being.

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Every Domestic Dispute is Different, But You Are Not Alone

Obtaining a Restraining Order Can Be a Lengthy Process.

It is important for families to understand that obtaining a restraining order can be a complex and emotionally draining process and may involve multiple court appearances.

It requires the victim to file a petition with the court, attend a hearing, and provide evidence of the abuse.

A lawyer can be a valuable asset for individuals seeking to obtain a restraining order in California.

Here are some of the ways a lawyer can help:

Providing legal advice: A lawyer can explain the legal process for obtaining a restraining order in California and advise the victim on their legal rights and options.

Preparing and filing paperwork: A lawyer can help the victim prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the court, including the petition for a restraining order.

Representing the victim in court: A lawyer can represent the victim in court during the hearing for the restraining order. They can present evidence of the abuse and argue why a restraining order is necessary.

Negotiating with the abuser: In some cases, a lawyer can negotiate with the abuser’s attorney or the abuser directly to reach a settlement that protects the victim and their family.

Providing emotional support: A lawyer can provide emotional support to the victim throughout the process and connect them with resources, such as counseling services and support groups.

Best Female Divorce Lawyer for Restraining Orders Near Me

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You have a right to safety, privacy, and peace of mind.


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