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Negotiating the division of property and assets can be one of the most stressful and combative tasks during a divorce. You and your partner have likely accumulated a lot of assets from many different sources over the years. If you need a dedicated asset division attorney, call Roxana Shayan, Attorney at Law in Costa Mesa & Orange County, CA.

I have over 27 years of experience helping clients receive their fair share. Marital property division isn't always easy, but I'll stand by your side during every step to ensure you aren't taken advantage of in the proceedings.

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What is determined during asset division talks?

What is determined during asset division talks?

Determining how assets and property will be divided in a divorce is never as cut and dry as you might think at the start. Marital property division procedures may include:

  • Figuring out the exact division of property when an asset was acquired before marriage
  • Determining business valuation
  • Dividing and evaluating assets in bank accounts
  • Reviewing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Even property owned prior to the marriage can have community property interest. I'll make sure you walk away with a fair deal. Schedule a consultation with me today to discuss all of the details.