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When You Own a Business Before You Marry

If you own a business before marriage [separate], and if after marriage your personal efforts [community] increases the value of that business, then it becomes necessary to quantify the contributions of separate capital and community effort to the increase, because the community is entitled to the increase in profits attributable to the community endeavor.

Having Three Parents

Husband and Wife were in a polyamorous relationship with a 3rd person for many years (15 years), all living in the same home. They agreed that the married couple would have a Child but all 3 of them would help raise the child. California legislatures codified the holding in the case of Sharon S. v. Superior Court (2003) 31 Cal. 4th 417 allowing a child to have 3 parents.

Business Owner’s Income Available for Child Support

If you own a business, whether a tax paying entity or a pass-through entity, and find yourself in Family court on the issue of Child Support, whether as a payor or payee, your business tax returns (or Schedule C) will be examined for certain deductions that Family Court will not allow in determining the amount of income available for child support.

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